Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hello Reader,

It's that time of year again.  It's time to put on green so you won't get pinched!  Ok, so maybe that was grade school but it is nearly St. Patrick's Day which means Depraved Nation is having it's annual Luck of the Irish Gatcha event!  Lucky for me Digital Aura was invited back this year.  I have been thinking of the warmer spring days ahead and the fashion to match.   Here is the official ad for my gatcha at the event.

The design is simple and, as the name implies, I think it looks great on my barefooted avi.  You can try your luck at winning one of the four rares and there are eight common anklets which are also quite nice.  All of the anklets are transfer only which means you can trade them with someone if you get two of the same kind.  They are resizer scripted so you adjust them to fit your avi by clicking them.  All anklets in the set are 100% original mesh designs and even created new materials layers so they react to light in viewers that are enabled to see advanced lighting.   

    The even started today and runs until March 31st.   You can find the Digital Aura Gatcha here!
  You can see a list of all the items on the Seraphim blog.